National + International News

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.35.18 PM.pngCanadian Broadcasting Corporation

Medium(s): Radio, Television + Online
Origins: Founded 1936. Based in Ottawa, Ontario.
Political Alignment: Centre.
Content: Local, National and International news, Sports, Music, Arts, Investigative Reporting.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a Canadian Crown Corporation that serves as the national public television and radio broadcaster.


atlantic-cover-isisThe Atlantic 

Medium(s): Magazine + Online
Origins: Founded in 1857, and first known as The Atlantic Monthly in Boston, MA. Now based in Washington, D.C.
Political Alignment: Centre-Left
Content: The Atlantic covers politics, business, culture, education, technology, health, international affairs, and more.

The Atlantic is a widely recognized literary institution that has won more National Magazine Awards more than any other monthly magazine. In June 2006, Chicago Tribune named The Atlantic as one of the top ten English-language magazines in the world.


b00005nip1-01-lzzzzzzzThe Economist

Medium(s): Magazine + Online
Origins: Founded in 1843. Based in London, England
Political Alignment: Centre
Content: Politics, business, economics, international news, science and technology, books and arts, editorials

The Economist is published weekly. At the beginning of each issue, there is are short summaries of the week’s events in politics and business and each issue ends in an obituary. Technology quarterlies are published four times per year, and special reports about every two weeks cover a given subject more in-depth than would be possible in an ordinary article.


gm_smallThe Globe and Mail 

Mediums: Newspaper + Online
Origins: Founded in 1844 by Scottish immigrant George Brown (who became a Father of Confederation) as The Globe. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Political Alignment: Centre-Left
Content: National news,



The Guardianthe-guardian-15-march-2012

Mediums: Newspaper + Online
Origins: Founded in 1821, and initially known as The Guardian Manchester. Based in London, UK.
Political Alignment: Centre-Left
Content: International news, politics, social issues, arts, entertainment, sports.

The Guardian is a daily newspaper with a highly successful online website. It fully covers all topics, from international news to sports coverage. The Guardian is famous for its crackdowns government surveillance and other controversial events. It also reports breaking news in a timely and organized manner.


newyorker-aug-cover-01-2014The New Yorker

Medium(s): Magazine + Online
Origins: Founded in 1925. Based in New York City.
Political Alignment: Centre-Left
Content: Politics, social issues, art, creative writing, comics.

The New Yorker is a magazine published 47 times a year. The beginning of the magazine always contains an extensive list of events (from film to opera) happening in New York City. Beyond that, it is known for its commentaries on popular culture, attention to mod
ern fiction through short stories and literary reviews, and of course, its single-panel cartoons.